Travel with a Purpose! Take class and learn a new dance, learn a Language, learn about a different culture!!!

img_5521Any opportunity to travel is a privilege and a luxury to most of us, but if you really want to enhance on your adventure, add a purpose for your travel!  For at least 35 years I have gone to certain destinations with a purpose of either learning enhancing my knowledge of the Spanish language or to further my studies in dance.  I have attended seminars, festivals and classes not only for my enjoyment, but also to better my understanding of the target language, culture and dance, so I may be a better educator and share my knowledge to those who may not be able to travel to far away lands, or for those who want to experience what I have!  My passion is the Spanish language, culture and Latin Dance forms (Flamenco in particular), but what ever  language or culture you are interested in, I highly recommend traveling with a purpose!  Learn about the people, the art, the dance, the foods they eat, the language they speak!  Take a tour that offers the opportunity to broaden your horizons, and return home with new ideas and knowledge!

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